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Community Standards

What does that mean?

Standards are simply etiquette, and acceptable conduct that one would expect individuals and businesses to comply with when interacting with others. People today identify being part of communities, groups, organizations and businesses which will also have their own standards and cultures, with emphasis on building value based businesses.

So community standards is a way that we can have in-common standards, or shared etiquette and acceptable conduct that is universal and can be applied to all individuals, communities and businesses.

Through the internet today we can interact with people all over the world for all sorts of reasons. And its tremendous to see people coming together for the good of everyone. Contact with others all over the world via the internet sadly though makes it easier for crime to occur and for others to be exploited for profit.

We believe that creating universal standards of acceptable behaviour and conduct will help to make our country (at least) be a country that truly puts the rights, wellbeing and safety of others first. Developing standards first through our communities then to other demographics will show others that we all deserve to be treated fairly, respectfully and with kindness and dignity regardless of what rights or wrongs we have committed.

If we the people, took action based on shared values, behaviour and conduct, we would be in a better position to influence our laws and what goes on in our economy and be better placed to have a community that represented all the people, who have the same rights and opportunities.

Because we don’t have such standards, there is much discrimination and corruption even at a government level. Corporations heavily influence the minds of young employees, who learn that its OK to discriminate and profit out of the hardship of others. Sadly in a lot of sectors such as banking and finance this has become the norm, to the point that regulators and officials literally turn a blind eye to corruption. Much trust has been lost in our world.

Community standards, is not only a way to bring back trust, but coming together through shared standards and values, we believe is a good shield from corruption and hardship. Together we can support each other and create great communities all across New Zealand.

Let’s bring back integrity and pride to our beautify country. Community Standards is the way forward!

Lisa 🙂

United We Stand!