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About Us


Welcome to the brand new online publication of Community Standards Christchurch, New Zealand. This website is owned and operated by:-

The Meat in the Sandwich ~ a small online publishing business run by Lisa Cowe, and created in conjunction with All About Computers Ltd.

Community Standards is an organisation that seeks to establish and promote standards of behaviour that over time each person, community, business and corporation who live and work in our great city will adopt ways of being in our society that promote fairness, equality, wellbeing and safety towards others. This online resource will provide people with information about what is being done to improve community standards for our people.

The genius behind Community Standards is founder Lisa Cowe of Linwood, Christchurch who has started a great mission to set out for the entire city some consistent standards of behaviour for all who live and work here.

This mission is to help drive Christchurch towards a crime-free nation and this website will provide links to resources where people can find other organisations to get assistance and help with issues that are preventing them for having a reasonable quality of life and standard of living.

Our research looks specifically at what and who are preventing people from achieving a reasonable quality of life, and that is what we act on. Christchurch, and indeed New Zealand as a whole already has many organisations and community groups that already do tremendous work to ensure the rights, well-being and safety of all. We look forward to meeting them and sharing our knowledge so they can continue providing resources and services to others.

So what is different about Community Standards? We specifically address areas where government agents, corporations, businesses and individuals are not “playing” fairly and we take action according. Examples could be objecting to corporate businesses that wish to sell goods and services that do not promote a quality product. Contacting businesses to correct their policies, working with other agents to ensure harm is reduced permanently, putting submissions into parliament etc, etc. Basically any activity or behaviour that impinges on the rights, wellbeing and safety of the people who live and work here – We will stamp it out. For Good.

How will we promote standards of behaviour and wellbeing – by creating support networks in various towns and cities to be organised like Unions.

If you would like to know more about this great mission or wish to support us some other way, please contact:-

Lisa Cowe
P O Box 24054
Christchurch 8642

Phone: 03-960-1762