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Community Standards

These are the Standards of Conduct that we believe will help to create communities whose businesses will be inspired to create policies that ensure the rights, well-being and safety of people first.

They were prepared with the assistance of Fiona Green – Thank you 🙂

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Christchurch is a community where all who reside and work here can do so in an environment that is safe and peaceful. Awareness and positive actions help to attain the following goals:

~ Community well-being

~ A Crimefree City


  • Discrimination means any form including discrimination categories outlined in the Human Rights Act which includes people in financial hardship (including those in formal insolvency procedures, and those charged with criminal convictions);
  • Actions means any action or behaviour that causes another to suffer some physical, emotional or economic distress or hardship;
  • Media publications means any article, social media article, story or the publishing of any information about a person/group etc via any public medium or forum that has not been authorised by the person/group that the article or story pertains to;
  • Rights means the legal and privacy rights that can be violated in order for another to receive benefit at the expense and injury of another.

Standards of Conduct and Behaviour

We will not tolerate from any person, group, or business:

  • Discrimination in any form;
  • Begging – asking for money or favours without an exchange of value
  • Actions and behaviours that are criminal in their nature and/or intention
  • Actions and behaviours that impinge on the rights, well-being, and safety of others
  • Public displays of objectionable and annoying actions and behaviours including swearing, shouting, loud music, etc;
  • Media publications of personal hardships
  • Actions that result in the lessening of wellness and economic well-being;
  • Abuse – this includes verbal, physical and psychological and regardless of whether such behaviour/action is allowed by law if that behaviour harms another person or causes distress;
  • Harassment – including physical, emotional, verbal abuse and sexual harassment;
  • Violation of Rights – including legal and privacy rights regardless of whether such behaviour/action is allowed by law

Actions we may take to restore the Rights, Well-being and Safety of the people of our communities

  • Contacting the person/s or entities that we believe have violated the rights of another person or entity.
  • Educating the public and government about the benefits of having community standards and values in-common.
  • Campaigning for changes to laws.



The Community Standards are subject to change if circumstances warrant those changes.  They are designed to allow the Offending Party to right their wrongs in the interests of all.  The Standards have been created with the intention and belief that all people wish to reside in and work in an environment that is peaceful and one that promotes health and well-being. The Standards are not legally binding but we do hope that they will inspire change.